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The Biggest threat to your Decking

The damage of termites to housing construction is disastrous. Termites can eat and harm all things that contain lignocellulose, and directly cause serious damage to wooden furniture or structures such as your decking or frames. Acidic substances released by them can corrode or damage reinforced concrete and metal, plastic and glass products.


In particular, the damage to brick-wood and wood-structured buildings is particularly serious. Because it is hidden inside the wooden structure, it destroys or damages its bearing point, often causing the house to collapse suddenly. The main occurring termites are Yellow-breasted termites, which are characterized by strong spreading power, large colonies, rapid destruction, and can cause huge losses to construction foundations, buildings, and furniture.

The first thing you should do to ensure your timber is protected from these pests is to enlist the help of professional decking services to maintain your timber and layer it with protective coatings which will assist in preventing infestation from Termites.


Where Did These Termites Come From?

  • Termites pass through the soil by building ant lanes or crawl into the house from around the house from cracks in construction or pipelines.
  • Wood products are commonly used in decoration, which provides a source of food for termites. Especially when renovating second-hand houses, the original wooden components may have been invaded by termites. If preventive treatment is not carried out, it will bring hidden dangers.
  • During the decoration process, the original protective layer was destroyed, providing opportunities for termite damage.
  • The materials purchased and transported may carry termites, which provides opportunities for termites to spread and breed.

If they destroy or damage the anchorage of the building, it will often cause the house to collapse suddenly and bring great harm to people’s lives. They can also cause considerable damage to any outdoor wooden structures such as your decking. If you live in Victoria however there are plenty of alternatives to fixing this damage when it occurs. There are plenty of experts who specialise in deck restoration in Melbourne so you don’t need to stress.

Decking Services
Termites are as small as grains of rice, crawling like ants, with light yellow heads and white bodies. If you see linear mud patterns on walls or wood, it is the work of termites. But in activities such as foraging and nesting, worker ants can bite anything that can bite, except for various wood, wood products, paper products, all kinds of synthetic boards, plastics, and rubbers. Even in modern high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete, termites can develop and harm high-rise buildings along various pipes or elevator shafts. When passing through long and narrow cement gaps, they can secrete formic acid to corrode the concrete and widen the ant road.

Why Do New Houses Need Termite Prevention?

Due to the hidden nature of termite activities, when you discover the damage, it has already caused a certain degree of loss. Especially for houses with a lot of wooden decorations, you may suddenly find that the wooden materials have been eaten up, and the investment of tens of thousands of money will be wiped out in less than a year. Therefore, termite prevention is adopted to prevent termites from breeding in your house.


The economic losses caused by termite problems in a city are often greater than those caused by several fires and typhoons. What’s more serious is that when buildings are severely eroded by termites, it will directly endanger people’s lives or your beautiful new decking, so it is very important to avoid this through preventive measures.



Investing in digital companies

The digital revolution these days is all around us. New technologies and concepts are created nearly every day driving forward humanity. Even as recently as last week, we have seen huge announcements within the digital tech space with Mark Zuckerberg talking about the Metaverse. Even in everyday life, with things such as Google, we turn to the internet when we need to research something small or complex. When we want suggestions on where to go out for dinner, we tend to look online just like we do when we are comparing prices for insurance or utility bills. To get through the market, you need to have a business with a strong marketing strategy. Investing in the particular areas where the consumers seem to be spending their time, such as the digital world.


Here are a few reasons why you should be investing in digital companies:


The potential for brand awareness and mass reaching

given the fact the web is available to use just about everywhere in the world, it seems that the sky does happen to be the limit when you are thinking about reaching new audiences. You might not be aware that there are over 1 billion users on Facebook. This means there are 1 billion more doors of opportunity that can be opened. Having an approach that is more strategic towards digital marketing, you get the chance to grow your brand awareness.

Reaching a targeted audience
Digital platforms like Facebook and Google are popular for such things they have created like algorithms that give the customers an experience that is more personalized online. When this is done, they end up with a platform that brands can use to target digital marketing campaigns to their perfect audience. When the client can dictate their wants and needs, each business can avoid giving out an advertisement to the wrong audience, which can damage brand reputation and allow for no return to be made on the marketing investment.

The Mobile
Did you know that many users that are researching on the internet are doing so on a mobile device? More people now are using mobile devices instead of laptops and desktop computers. From simple social media apps like Tik Tok to large investing apps like Binance. Everybody is now taking advantage of the portability of smartphones to reach more people. With Tesla pushing forward with self-driving cars, people will continually have increased time to use their mobiles and network. Mobiles have changed how consumers are communicating with each business to find out how they are browsing and buying online all the time. The consumers of today are moving and trying to reach out to those who are spending the most time online in hopes they can improve the chances of making some sort of influence when making an impact.


Customer engagements
Digital marketing works by understanding and consumers and their behaviors quite easily. The way the web interacts allows each company to connect with people on a more trusted and personal level, breaking down the walls and enticing the clients and consumers to build a trusted relationship with your company.

It is important when you are utilizing blogs and using the forums as a safe and friendly place to interact with the clients, which allows for an opportunity for those to express their comments, likes, and dislikes and give each consumer a chance to respond.

Many marketers know that content marketing is now just a way of the future, which is simple, but it works. The traditional marketing channels are often costly, not to mention they are hard to measure. Thinking about how people are interacting with content every day and just the types of places they are spending their time which is not the traditional mediums such as the radio and prints.